Assistance for Small Businesses, Non-Profit Organizations, & Communities

Sunny505 has compiled this list of resources available to help your business, your community, or yourself.

A Message from Sunny505

We've been talking with clients and colleagues all over the world about how to respond to the unique challenges presented by the Coronavirus pandemic. We have also taken steps to prepare ourselves and our business. All of our employees are set up to work remotely, while providing our usual level of client service.

Through all this we've gained some insights and considerations that we'd like to share with our Best Practices for Coronavirus and Your Business.

Contact us if you have questions about our agency’s coronavirus response plan and let us know if we can help in any way as your company deals with this challenge.

Best practices for coronavirus and your business

Our expertise in working with small businesses, tourism entities, healthcare organizations and non-profits allows us to develop tailored solutions that result in measurable improvements.

We do this by leveraging our relationships with the client and our industry knowledge to gain a deep level of understanding of their target markets. We’ve successfully moved the needle for many organizations, including Anderson Air Corps, Rainbow Ryders Hot Air Balloon Company, Farmington Convention and Visitors Bureau, Papa Johns and HopeWorks.


Earned media outreach that always gets attention


Creating the right image that positions you in a meaningful way

Web Design

Engaging & influencing your customers on all electronic devices

Social Media

New platforms to reach your audiences in targeted and cost-effective means


The written word and compelling graphics to move the needle

Video Production

Effective and clutter-busting videography to increase engagement and results


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