CLIENT: Kirtland Federal Credit Union

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Kirtland Federal Credit Union is the fourth largest credit union in Albuquerque and was established 60 years ago to serve people and their families who are stationed at or were stationed at Kirtland Air Force Base and contractors who do business with the base. While that point of differentiation worked in the past, today the Air Force Base is shrinking, and so is Kirtland Federal Credit Union’s membership, while other credit unions in the area are experiencing double-digit growth.

The Sunny505 team was tasked with two Key Performance indicators – increase new members by 1,000 and increase the average deposit and loan profit per household to $140.

To shift the messaging away from the Air Force Base, we developed a new tagline and campaign – Empowering Financial Independence. We got the messaging out internally through statement stuffers, electronic and mailed newsletters, social media, branch signage, ATM messaging and the website. We promoted the campaign externally through traditional and new media.


Exceeded the new membership goal by 68.2 percent

Exceeded the Profit Per Household goal by 11%.