Kayla Ung, Marketing Assistant

Kayla Ung

Marketing Assistant

After receiving the Sunny505 Scholarship in the fall of 2022, Kayla was able to spend a semester as an intern at Sunny505 while attending the University of New Mexico. Now working as a Marketing Assistant, Kayla provides Sunny505 with her skills in social media, content creation, copy editing, copywriting, public relations, and graphic design. In 2023, Kayla earned her bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Mass Communication with a concentration in Strategic Communication and a minor in Psychology from the University of New Mexico, where she finished as summa cum laude in three years. As a Marketing Intern, Kayla also provides M’tucci’s Restaurants with her skills in social media, video production and editing, and content creation. She records, edits, and shares their weekend cocktail and weekend special videos every week. Outside of work, Kayla enjoys relaxing at home while binge-watching various television shows, and she enjoys discovering the wide array of food and beverages Albuquerque has to offer.