Three ways local communities can become valuable small-business resources

Our CEO, Joanie Griffin and two other local business leaders were asked their advice on how local communities can help small businesses:

Local communities can be a valuable resource for a small business, especially one that’s just starting out and still trying to find its footing. From new talent to suitable vendors, much-needed mentors and potential partners, there are multiple ways a local community can support and contribute to the growth of a business.

For organizations that manufacture and market physical goods, the local community can be a major marketplace and a reliable source of repeat customers. In many cases, the local market can serve as a good starting point and successful case study for a company’s expansion plans.

So what are some of the most productive ways an organization can tap into its local community in terms of building relationships, finding talent or developing a loyal customer base? Below, three members of Albuquerque Business First Leadership Trust share their own experiences.

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