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Earned Media Success for Hyatt Tamaya

Earned media coverage is a vital tool in ensuring your business, organization or destination is viewed by a wide audience through the organic means of a news source. This type of media coverage can be viewed as more authentic than advertising for some clients. It can lead to your brand being seen as an “industry expert” or “industry leader.”

With a strong background in public relations and a variety of PR services offered, Griffin & Associates garners earned media for many of our clients. As part of our PR services, we host Media Familiarization (FAM) tours for several of our tourism or destination clients.

Recently, we held a wedding-themed FAM Tour for Hyatt Tamaya. As a unique wedding destination in the southwest, the Hyatt Tamaya offers beautiful scenery, out-of-the-ordinary options for couples and both elegant and cozy atmospheres. The Griffin & Associates team worked with the Tamaya team to determine a strategy fit for their needs, build an itinerary, and host eight wedding reporters for three incredible days in New Mexico.

Just days after the FAM tour, we have already received coverage in Huffington Post, and expect several additional great articles in the weeks to come. If you are planning a wedding, be sure to check out the plethora of options at Hyatt Tamaya, and be sure to contact us if you need help getting earned media coverage.