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How to Maximize Opportunities in 2021

If 2020 taught us anything, it’s time to be prepared for the unexpected. Our world and every facet of what we thought was true was questioned and rocked.

Moving into 2021, with a new administration and COVID vaccines rolling out, there is reason for optimism. Here is what we are seeing as the “hottest” opportunities as  businesses and organizations plan to navigate 2021.

  • In the midst of the chaos that was 2020 and is continuing into 2021, we all need a break. Levity. Comedy. Nostalgia. Distraction. Bernie memes . . . If there is a way to add some lightness to your messaging, it’s what is needed and wanted.
  • The level of anxiety and behavioral health issues that have exploded during the pandemic is staggering. In fact, pharmacies report record levels of anti-depressants being prescribed. If there is a way for your company to lessen people’s anxiety or reduce stress in the workplace, that messaging will resonate with people.
  • Home is no longer just a home. It is a workplace. It is a school. It is a gym. Businesses that help people at home – either literally with home improvement – or with services that help maximize all that the home has become will be in high demand.
  • The joy of fun is back like never before. Games – either electronic or old fashioned ones – have risen in popularity. In your social media messaging or electronic newsletters, add some games and contesting.
  • Video is being consumed at the highest levels ever. Since the pandemic began last March, video usage has risen by 200%. And because most people are at home and working on Zoom, you don’t need a million dollar production budget. Shooting videos from your iPhone or via Zoom is 100% acceptable. Look for ways to add video to your marketing – on your website, on social media posts and in your electronic newsletters.
  • Zoom Zoom Zoom. While Zoom fatigue is a real thing, the interesting side note is that people are more inclined to say yes to a Zoom event than a live event. People love Zoom – they don’t have to get dressed up, they don’t have to small talk, they don’t have to eat rubber chicken with a group of strangers. If there is a way to incorporate Zoom webinars into your business development plans, now is the time to do it.

The bottom line is 2021 is the opportunity to do things differently. To question what you’ve always done. Use 2021 to be of service like never before, and your organization will thrive.