Thriving during a pandemic: Recommendations for business leaders

CEO, Joanie Griffin, authored an article in partnership with the Business First.

What we are facing is unprecedented. The COVID-19 crisis is global and open-ended, and it affects everyone, including individuals, businesses and communities large and small. In these uncertain times, even the most courageous among us are fearful — but they take action anyway. Here are my recommendations for how business leaders can thrive during COVID-19.

  • Don’t go dark. This is a time to stay in communication with your customers and vendors. People are more connected than ever, which means it’s easy to keep the lines of communication open. You can use electronic newsletters, social media advertising and digital ad buys. If you have the resources, advertise on local and cable news programs — people are glued to the news.
  • Communicate what are you doing to keep people safe — both your staff and your customers. Let people know how they can support your business and your employees. If you are running a restaurant, let them know what takeout options you have. If you are running a hospitality business, request that people postpone rather than cancel future plans. If you are in the home improvement business, remind them that interest rates have dropped and it’s a great time to work on home projects — especially since most of us are home more than ever. If you’re running a nonprofit, give people an opportunity to make a difference and support your mission. Let people know you’re thinking of them during this time of uncertainty.

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