Time to Revisit Your Public Relations Strategies

The world has experienced massive change in 2020, and as a result, people are more glued to the news than ever.

The goal of all marketing is to reach the target audiences where they are, and ultimately convert the reach into sales. Because people are tuning into news more than ever (on websites, TV, print, podcasts, social media), a strong public relations plan will ensure you are reaching your target audiences where they are. The main benefit of reaching people via news stories, is the news is viewed with more authenticity than other forms of outreach.

However, in the current COVID-19 climate, traditional media outreach and face-to-face interviews are likely impossible. It’s time to innovate, as we have with all facets of doing business during the pandemic.

With travel restricted in many areas and in-person events cancelled, Sunny505 has transformed our public relations efforts to the creation of virtual media events, to include local news conferences, virtual tourism excursions and virtual interviews. Virtual media outreach creates the opportunity to reach greater numbers of journalists in a cost-effective manner. Additionally, videoclips can be utilized on organizations’ websites, social media platforms and other electronic communication and outreach.

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